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16 DecThe "R" Word – Winter 2008

In recent weeks you may have heard the “R” word bandied about. When discussing the economy, it is a dirty word!…

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16 DecThe Financial Selling Panic of 2008 – Autumn 2008

The cheerleaders for recession were about a year early, but it appears that they finally have their way, partly due to…

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01 JanOur Expert Panel – Autumn 2009

Like most everything else in our practice, our process has evolved over the years. I want to communicate to you a…

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16 DecSilver Lining – Summer 2009

Looking forward, one silver lining is the big inventory decline. Inventory “corrections” like this one usually set the stage for economic…

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time to buy insurance

01 MarWhen Is Insurance Suitable? – Spring 2008

There are different opinions as to the proper use of insurance. Here is my view: Insurance should be used to buy…

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