Advisor Specialties

Each advisor at Financial Plan, Inc. specializes in a unique business niche. This arrangement is advantageous for both the client and the advisor:

  • The client has the assurance that the advisor is experienced in meeting the challenges of people who share similar circumstances.
  • The advisor is able to work efficiently because he has an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the area of specialty.

Our advisors will work with clients outside their area of specialty if the situation warrants.

Our Specialties

Financial Planning for Business Owners and CEOs

Devin Wolf, CFP®

Every business is unique. We listen to who you are, where you are going, and utilize our knowledge and network of professionals to streamline your financial future.

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Financial Planning for BP Cherry Point Employees

James B. Twining, CFP®

We have over thirty years experience working with BP Cherry Point employees. As a result, we have a thorough knowledge of the E.S.P, RAP, Share Value, RRA and other BP plans.

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Financial Planning for Women in Transition

David Dick, CFP®

David Dick, CFP® has found himself over the years meeting with women who have found their life journeys interrupted by the unexpected.

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