As our client base has grown, so have the servicing challenges. To meet those challenges we have continued to bring on more employees; over the past few years we have added a new advisor and a new staff member. The larger size of our firm allows us to continue to give you the responsive service that you deserve. One way we do that is through a division of labor: You will notice that Jeanne and Jennifer are quite capable of solving your service issues. In fact they are better at them than the advisors are, because this is what they do every day. Of course your advisor is available for more complex issues or for advice. Meetings are being conducted by multiple people instead of just one advisor. For example you may find that your meeting is begun first by a staff member, then an advisor, and finally by a another staff person to complete paperwork. This allows us to be more efficient and to play to our strengths. I know that some of you are accustomed to dealing directly with your personal advisor for all service issues: I encourage you to work with our staff in the office as well. They are proficient at what they do, and the results will be better. All three advisors in the office are onboard with an identical investment philosophy. We are confident that when your personal advisor is absent at a conference or on vacation, another advisor can easily take care of your questions and give you quality financial advice.