By: James Twining

28 JulHow Inflation Affects Asset Values

In 1980, the inflation rate peaked at 13.5%; higher than it had been in 60 years. The miserable economic conditions of…

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23 JunAdvice Regarding the Washington State Long Term Care Law

The latest tax news from Washington State includes a long- term care tax on W2 income. For details, please refer to…

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15 JanShould I Manage My Own Investment Portfolio? | The Abysmal Record of DIY Investor Cash Flows

If 2020 taught personal investors anything, it’s that managing your own investment portfolio is a dangerous game. The typical DIY-investor relies…

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07 DecWhat is the new ETF rule?

Every so often, something occurs that changes the way we invest, and we think it best to keep our clients informed…

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18 SepThe ETF Rule and Custom Baskets

At Financial Plan, we are analytical to a fault when evaluating investments.  We continually ask the question: “Are we populating our…

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09 SepStock Market Performance: A Case for Diversified Portfolios

If you have been paying attention, you know how much we believe in equity markets. Our clients who have a long…

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27 MarGetting to the Point of a Point

Recently, I ran across this article from Dimensional Fund Advisors. It contains insight into the difference between a price-weighted index like…

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08 MarLet the Dogs Bark

The term “expected return” is in wide use among financial planners. To the layman it carries misleading connotations: most assume that…

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15 OctThe Nature of American Tariffs

With all the buzz surrounding the recent increase in U.S. tariffs, a discussion regarding the nature of tariffs is timely. We…

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30 AugUnderstanding Rates of Return

Will Rogers once quipped: “It is not the return on my investment that I am concerned about; it’s the return of…

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15 MayThe Risk Illusion

As emotional beings, we are susceptible to illusions and phobias. Never mind that the snake under the bed turned out to…

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economic growth spring 2017

25 AprSpring 2017 – Is Economic Growth a Reliable Indicator of Future Equity Returns?

We recently learned that the US economy has grown at a 2.1% annual rate since the recovery began in 2009. This…

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Financial Planning Inc Online Sites

31 JanOnline Sites at Financial Plan, Inc. – Winter 2017

After inquiring with our clients,  it seems that many are not particularly active in logging on to our various online sites. …

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07 OctPlease Welcome The Newest Addition To Our Company: Justin Gross

The history of our firm and our clients has been one of success, and as a result, we have experienced a…

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basketball player

05 AugTrailing by One Point. No Time on the Clock. Two Free Throws. – Summer 2016

The market decline of early 2016 was not anywhere near the magnitude of a bear market such as we experienced in…

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