Both buying locally and wholesale have advantages: local purchases typically are associated with the benefits of better service and buying wholesale is typically associated with reduced costs. The good news is that at Financial Plan you get the best of both worlds. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing financial planning tailored to the needs of each client, but as the largest fee-only firm in the area we have been able to obtain access to investments and receive cost reductions our clients couldn’t receive on their own. For example, our clients receive: • Lower transaction fees (costs to buy and sell funds) than they would as retail customers of TD Ameritrade. • Access to investments through Dimensional Fund Advisors that wouldn’t be available otherwise. • Access to share classes with lower expense ratios. Mutual fund companies often have many share classes of the same investment. The underlying holdings of the fund are the same, but the expensesassociated with the investment are different. Because everything is the same except for the costs, the share class with the lower expense ratio will outperform by the difference in costs each year. For example, Vanguard has a share class known as “Admiral Shares” that is less expensive than their Investor class, but a high minimum investment is required. Because of your relationship with us, you can now access the Admiral shares without meeting the Vanguard minimum investment amount. We recently moved your Vanguard Investor class shares to the less expensive Admiral shares. Read the full newsletter

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