James (Jamie) Twining is the CEO and founder of Financial Plan, Inc., and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) Practitioner who works with an exclusive high net worth client base. Jamie has a niche advising BP Cherry Point refinery employees.

Jamie is the President of the Board at the Mount Baker Theatre and a member of the Whatcom Business Alliance. A graduate of the University of Southern California and a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family, leading the choir at Sacred Heart Church, and any water sport that begins with an “s”:  swimming, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, and salmon fishing.

On a warm summer’s evening, you can’t reach him on his cell phone. If you have an emergency, you will have to grab a paddleboard and paddle to the middle of Lake Whatcom to find him.

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