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07 Nov 2023How Does a Government Shutdown Affect the Stock Market? Impact and Analysis

Another day, another crisis of leadership in our government. Fears of a looming government shutdown might have you wondering if it’s…

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04 Feb 2022Updated: Coronavirus: The Market Gets a Cold

Updated February 2, 2022 It’s been nearly two years since the economic impacts of Covid-19 and subsequent containment protocols first began…

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01 Feb 2021Lessons from GameStop Mania

By now, most of us have heard plenty about the frenzy going on around GameStop (ticker GME), a brick-and-mortar video game…

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07 Dec 2020What is the new ETF rule?

Every so often, something occurs that changes the way we invest, and we think it best to keep our clients informed…

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10 Aug 2020This time IS different

Gabriel Twining
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You’ve seen the declaration splashed across headlines, “This time is different!” Public perception surrounding the first half of this year and…

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24 Feb 2020The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Stock Market and Your Financial Portfolio

As the coronavirus continues its trek around the world, speculation about the virus’s impact on the global stock market has been…

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09 Sep 2019Stock Market Performance: A Case for Diversified Portfolios

If you have been paying attention, you know how much we believe in equity markets. Our clients who have a long…

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27 Mar 2019Getting to the Point of a Point

Recently, I ran across this article from Dimensional Fund Advisors. It contains insight into the difference between a price-weighted index like…

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