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Financial Plan is Moving – Autumn 2014

After 17 years in our downtown office, Financial Plan is moving to a new office location.  Beginning October 1st, 2014 our office will be on Barkley Blvd.  Our new address is:          Financial Plan, Inc.        2115 Barkley Blvd,  Suite 101        Bellingham, WA 98226 Our telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged, as more »

The Not So Simple Answer – Summer 2014

As a Financial Plan client you often receive simple advice that is easy to follow. Your first impression might have been similar to this: You came in and let us know you would like to retire. After a couple of meetings of being poked, prodded, and answering every question under the sun, you left with more »

The Great Crash – Spring 2014

Harry S. Dent Jr – Best-selling author, founder of economics research firm HS Dent, predictor of the 1980 Japanese market bubble and the US Bull Market of the 1990s, MBA of Harvard Business School, top 5% in his graduating class… the accolade list goes on and on. When someone like Harry S. Dent Jr. speaks, more »

The Market Has Reached All Time Highs; Now What? – Spring 2013

For quite a few years now, faith in the markets has been sorely tested. After severe bear markets, confidence in the market’s ability to recover is often lacking.   Now for the first time in many years, we have the opposite problem: The markets have recently hit all-time highs: Aren’t we at a “top” now? Shouldn’t more »

Are Shares of Stock and Stock Mutual funds “Paper” Investments? – Winter 2014

Most investors tend to have a high level of angst regarding their stock and stock mutual fund investments. When the investing public is euphoric, investors buy stocks, driving the market higher; and when they panic, they sell stocks, causing it to plunge in value. Over short time frames of one, five, and even ten years, more »

Why We Innovate – Autumn 2013

  In mid-September, Financial Plan Inc. received the Best Practices Award for being a “top innovator” from Investment News; a fairly major publication in the finance world. They identified their winners based on a series of surveys and interviews and awarded the top 6 advisory firms from around the country. As part of accepting this more »

An Investor’s Most Fervent Wish Is A Simple Desire For Peace – Summer 2013

Recently I came across this sketch posted by best selling financial author and illustrator Carl Richards.   The message it conveys has the ring of truth.   Most of us want to escape the constant stress that so often comes whenever we think or talk about money. As Richards says, “ Money is insanely emotional because of more »

The New Income, Capital Gains, and Estate Tax Environment – Winter 2013

After many years of living with temporary tax brackets, we now have a more settled scheme due to the recently passed but inaccurately named American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Let’s outline the new realities: Income Taxes: For most taxpayers, the federal income tax rates for 2013 will be the same as in 2012: 10%, more »

Welcome Bonnie – Autumn 2012

As you know, Jennifer has flown the coop. She was swept off her feet, proposed to, and whisked away by a Navy man to a new life. We are a nice place to work, but how do you compete with that? We need a replacement. Dave’s wife Bonnie helped us during our transition and showed more »

I Survived the Transition – Spring 2012

“I SURVIVED THE TRANSITION, AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY NEWSLETTER”! I think that would be an appropriate T shirt for our clients about now. After all, what was the transition all about? Why did we move your accounts away from LPL? After all that paperwork and hassle, what was the point? Let’s talk more »