Christopher joined the Financial Plan team as an Associate Advisor in September of 2021. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Custer, to be specific), Chris attended Washington State University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Economics.

Fortunately for us, he returned to Bellingham after graduation to work as a Transload Operator and Railcar Mechanic at the BP Cherry Point Refinery.

A dairy connoisseur and man of many talents, Chris’s past jobs include Cheesemaker, Ice Cream Technician, and “Sampler of Raw Milk”. He is looking forward to launching his finance career in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, what he considers to be “the greatest place.”

When he’s not tinkering on his truck or camper, Chris can be found enjoying seasonal outdoor sports including camping, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing. He also loves welding and creating metal art.