A mutual fund family which offers mutual funds or exchange traded funds; life insurance company which issues life insurance and annuity contracts,  bank that offers sweep accounts and time deposits, dealer that makes a market for stock,  bond, and money market offerings, and others including those that offer partnerships,  real estate investment trusts, private equity and other offerings.


The selection of worthy investment partners is of critical importance to the success of clients.  Care should be taken to select firms which  share common values with the wealth manager.  Integrity, thought-leadership, competence, transparancy, and cost effectiveness are important to us.  Our primary investment partners DFA, Vanguard, and TIAA CREF demonstrate these qualities, and each of them are disciplined, principles-driven, ground-breaking companies in their respective investment categories.  Our ongoing research includes a review of our partners, and it may ultimately cause us to forge new relationships with other partners or replace existing relationships.