Most investors are aware of the Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Bernie Madoff. Mr. Madoff used his client’s assets like a personal piggy bank, and used the deposits of new investors to meet the withdrawal demands of existing clients. He was able to engage in this fraud because his firm had custody of client assets and created the fraudulent statements.

Rest assured that at Financial Plan, your assets are held securely by our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional. Your assets are insured against fraud and bankrupcy to $500,000 by the SIPC and to $149.5 million per account through private insurance purchased by TD Ameritrade through Lloyd’s of London.

Nowadays we are all aware of the problem of identity theft, the threat of internet hackers who can steal data. We also want our personal and financial data to be kept private. At Financial Plan, the only avenue through which a document containing personally identifiable information leaves our office is through a shredder. Our computer files are safe behind robust firewalls and passwords. We do not disclose your personal or financial information to anyone unless required to do so by law.