Financial Planning Process

Most financial advisors begin by telling you how great they are. Many actually enter into a sales pitch during the first meeting. Not so with us. At Financial Plan, we understand that you have been introduced to us by a trusted friend or colleague, so we do not feel the need to sell ourselves. Instead, we begin by listening.

We want to know whether we have shared values; and whether we have a basis to establish a long-term business relationship. We help you to identify and prioritize your life goals. We determine your risk tolerance and what it is you are seeking in a financial advisor.

Most financial planners use “cookie cutter” computer software programs to develop financial plans. Again, we are different. We find those programs to be inaccurate and insufficient to take into account all of your unique circumstances. Instead, we carefully handcraft every financial plan on a custom basis, directly controlling every calculation.

We make projections that illustrate the feasibility of reaching your goals, and design the investment portfolio that is most likely to get you there. We consult with our expert panel of outside professionals to deliver advanced solutions in the areas of tax, insurance, and estate transition.

Our process is illustrated below: