Charitable Giving 101 in Bellingham, WA

Are you philanthropic? Do you or would you like to promote the welfare of others by donating to organizations that support causes important to you? This workshop is designed to teach you how to intelligently give regardless of how big your balance sheet is. Instructor Devin Wolf, CFP® will teach you strategies to help you give in a way that makes sense for your unique goals and finances.
Starts: 02/04/2015 06:30 pm
Ends: 02/04/2015
Duration: 2 hours:
237 W. Kellogg Rd. WCC - Kelly Hall #208
Bellingham , Washington

Instructor Devin Wolf, CFP® helps his clients integrate charitable giving into their comprehensive wealth management plan.

1 session: Free

6:30-8:30 PM THU: 2/4/2015

WCC – Kelly Hall #208

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