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Secrets for Self-Employed Retirement Success

Saving for retirement as a self-employed individual can be difficult. Without an employer setting up and contributing to a 401(k) or similar plan, retirement savings often fall off the radar. But if you are self-employed without employees, you and your spouse have access to one of the most powerful and underutilized retirement planning tools available: more »

Quantifying the Value of an Excellent Financial Advisor

For any business relationship to work, the value gained for both parties must exceed the cost. The calculation for a financial advisor is quite simple: The relationship works for the advisor if the compensation received in return for advice and service is enough to cover costs and a reasonable profit. The calculus for clients, when more »

Why Becoming An S Corp May Be Bad For Your Retirement Plans

By: W. Devin Wolf, CFP® Conventional wisdom encourages small business owners to form an S Corporation to reduce the amount of self-employment taxes they owe. The idea is to reduce your wages and pay profits out through a profit distribution that is not subject to the 15.3% (employee and employer combined) self-employment tax. For high more »

401(k) and other Pension Plan Contribution Limits Increase in 2015

By: W. Devin Wolf, CFP® It’s official: the IRS has announced the cost-of-living adjustments affecting 401(k) contribution limits for the 2015 tax year.  Here’s a breakdown of the new changes, and how they might affect your ability to contribute to your retirement fund. Elective deferral and SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits These limits apply to individuals more »

2014 Numbers Unlimited Released!

Our Annual 2014 Numbers Unlimited sheet is now available in PDF form. Click here to get the latest. more »

Read the Summer 2013 Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, the Plan, has been updated for the 2013 Summer Quarter. Read more about it here.

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